Sunday 12 July 2020

Delivery Day At Hope & Elvis!

Yesterday I popped over to Hope & Elvis to see Louise because we had some exciting deliveries to make...
We had to deliver our art-works for the second round of judging for the Harley Gallery Open Exhibition.
(Keep your fingers crossed for us!)

Also, just look how beautiful Louise's Calm Amongst The Chaos dress is!
(Thanks for doing the wafty-dreamy action shot for me Louise!!!!)

We both felt a tad (lot!) nervous as we approached the gallery!

After the deed was done we celebrated with an ice lolly...careful you don't drip that on your dress chuck!!!


Just look how beautiful this is, isn't it lovely when nature just does its own thing!

Thanks for a lovely, lovely day, it was fab to see some of my arty chums too and have a good (socially distanced catch-up.)


  1. I miss doing workshops...fingers crossed for your entries into the Open Exhibition. xx

    1. Yes, me too Lyn, hopefully it wont be too long until we can go again.
      Many thanks chuck x


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