Wednesday, 3 February 2021

Mrs B Doesn't Do Smoochy Songs!


Hello chucks!

I'm going to be sending my February newsletter out soon, if you fancy taking a peek please sign up using the button at the bottom of the home page of my website here.

Every month I'll keep you up to date with all my shenanigans and I'll pop in a playlist for that month too. (I absolutely LOVE compiling playlists, it reminds me of the many happy hours I used to spend in the '80's making mix tapes for my friends.)

I did have a bit of trouble making the playlist for February though, as I wanted it to have the theme of love for Valentine's Day, but I've never been a fan of the old smoochy song (too many memories of school discos I suppose)!

So I decided that this month's play list should be called 'Mrs B Doesn't Do Smoochy Songs' and they are all those fab, rather sad and a bit mardy love songs that avoid being soppy.

Well, all apart from one...but you'll have to have a look when it pops in your inbox!

Sending you all my best.


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