Sunday, 27 February 2022

Undercover Shenanigans In Brigg!

 We popped into Brigg yesterday, (I love it there, it's a lovely place full of character and great independent shops)and we were greeted by such a cheerful riot of colour and fun!

I am unable to knit or crochet and so seeing such amazing skill blew my socks off!

The high-street had been yarn-bombed and the local businesses were immortalised and celebrated in crochet!

You could see how much joy these creations gave to the passers-by and I often had to queue to take a photo because they were so popular!

Each one made me smile: the intricately detailed Walkers crisp packet, the elegantly manicured hand and the very flexible yoga instructor (who is a friend of mine from The Steel Rooms, a wonderful gallery, workshop centre, cafe and gift shop.)

Someone's photo-bombed the yarn-bomb!

I think that I managed to photograph them all, and if the talented folk who created this happen to read this blog post, then I would like to congratulate you. 

Your generosity, humour and crafts-personship are a testament to what can be achieved when folks get together and collaborate.

The identities of the yarn-bombers are obviously unknown, but if you are inspired by this, there is a friendly Face Book group called 'Undercover Yarners' who love sharing ideas about crochet and community.

Wishing you all a colourful weekend chucks X


  1. This is really fun Mrs B !!!! Thanks for showing !
    (and : you have other talents :-) !)

    1. It really was stunning to see, especially with the sun shining as well!
      (Awwww thank you chuck, I greatly admire those who can knit and crochet! x)

  2. Awh thanks for showing us such a cheerful, happy event. It’s just what’s needed. And good on the folk who did all the creating. I’m in your camp, I can’t crotchet to save my life. That craft has totally passed me by
    Thanks for a lovely post
    Lynn xxx

    1. Thanks Lynn, my pleasure - it really brought such joy to the whole town x

  3. Amazing talent there, and so fun to see. Thank you for sharing.

    1. My pleasure chuck, Im glad you liked it, so inspiring to see such generosity and skill x

  4. wow they are amazing! xx


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