Thursday, 21 March 2013

Mrs B Has Moved Home!


Thanks for popping by!

Hope you like my new humble abode...there's a few more bits to sort out but at least I've unpacked the kettle!

One lump or two?


PS: It was pretty impossible to transfer my old blog so I've just put some of my fave posts back on here, so if you've visited before please don't think you're suffering from déjà vu!

All the posts from now on will be brand spanking new!

Thanks ever so again for popping by, I was feeling a bit lonely!


  1. Custard cream please. Welcome to you lady Bertimus. I hope you shall be very comfortable in your new abode.

  2. OOO My first comment!
    Now that deserves a choccy hob nob! x
    Thanks Resorca!

  3. Welcome to your new home, it looks very cosy.

  4. Thanks Sarah, I feel like I'm having a brilliant house warming!


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