Friday 29 March 2013

Yesterday Was A Painting Day! Hooray!

I felt a bit burnt out after 'The Only Constant' exhibition a couple of months ago, and my painting brushes had been left to languish.
But yesterday that old friend 'painteritis' struck again and that was that.
I've just photographed a detail, as it's not quite finished and I'm still not sure of it myself, but at least I've got going again.
I used my absolute favourite paint which is Amsterdam Expert Series Acrylic, greenish yellow light 219.
When it's mixed with Prussian blue, orange pryrrole and titanium white, ( a neutral mix that veers on the purple side,) it produces a lovely soft grey.
This paint is brilliant for 'souring' a colour mix. (Not a technical term, as you may have guessed,) but it just takes off that 'sugary' quality you sometimes get when you work with predominantly neutrals and tints.
I've just realised what a geek I sound like!
I'll leave you in peace now, sorry!


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