Thursday 30 May 2013

Salt Burn's Been (Yarn) Bombed!

I'd been longing to return to Salt Burn On Sea after our trip during the Easter Hols.
So off we went on a jolly, and what a sight we saw!
The pier had been yarn bombed for all it's worth!
Here's a few of my faves, (cue 'Take Hart' music)......
We even made a new friend on the pier!
Which one is your favourite?


  1. Oh my, that sure is fabulous! Love the person in the beach chair! :-)

  2. Oh it's gorgeous, yarn bombing should be compulsory! X

  3. Wow I would have loved to have seen this! I think I actually need some knitted fish and chips in my life and the crab is also fab! The sunburnt man is so typically English, it did make me chuckle!

  4. I've never seen yarn bombing before and it was amazing, it made everyone smile.
    Power to the knitters of this world!

  5. Wow that's totally amazeballs .... I love the mermaids best of all ... Sarah x

  6. fantastic yarn bombing!
    How could there be a favourite: they're all so wonderful

  7. Shame I can't knit, maybe we could sew-bomb or something!


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