Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Legless And Purple Polka Dot Pants!

I am in a quandry, you see I've started to make a doll but I am well and truly stuck!
I've been hankering to make such a thing after the fantastic Julie Arkell workshop, but I had to wait a while because her work is so inspirational I didn't want to make something that was a weak pastiche/ rip-off of hers.
I've had great fun so far but now I can't think of the right legs for her.
She's already had two pairs amputated (ouch!) and I am stumped (excuse the pun!)
I am rather proud of the purple polka dot pants though!
PS:Sorry about the exposed bosoms but I will make her decent, honest!


  1. Loving the purple pants... legs are such a problem it's my least favourite task when I make my faeries and I still don't seem to have perfected it!

  2. I love your fairies!
    Yours have sweet little shoes....aaaargh! ....shoes...never even thought of those!
    Back to the sewing machine!

  3. Thank you .... the shoes are my favourite bits to do ... I'm a ruby slippers kinda girl. Good luck with the legs ...can't wait to see her finished x

  4. I like the circle bosoms, reckon you should leave them just as they are. What kind of legs? No idea I'd use the same pale blue fabric you've used on the top half of her body. Does she need legs? Or arms for that matter? I thinks she's fine as she is.

  5. You may have a point there Miss Whitney!
    I'll leave her on my shelf for a while and see what happens!
    Many thanks for your thoughts x


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