Monday, 15 July 2013

Stitching Revelation!

Sometimes I am so daft I scare myself.
For ages I've struggled with sketching directly onto the fabric before scribbling away on the sewing machine.
Although this wasted loads of fabric, I didn't want my designs to look the same.
But then I thought, why not draw my design, trace it and then stitch through the tracing paper?
Why didn't I think of that before!
And I don't think it looks mass produced because both of these patchwork pins were traced form the same sketch and they look different.
The one on the top seems a bit skittish and the little fellow above seems much more 'together' and self assured.
Do I sound bonkers now?
Here's the original sketch.
With this pair of pins they even turned out as different sexes!
Original sketch.

Mr. Hare.


  1. Gorgeous work, does the tracing paper pull away neatly? Have tried this method with my faerie wings and always had trouble removing it. Sarah x

  2. Even better than tracing paper is a paper called "golden hands" - it tears away much more cleanly - can send you some if you want to try it out.

  3. I do have trouble sometimes tearing it away, especially if the stitching is close together.
    Thanks for the tip, I shall definitely try some, and thank you for the very kindly offer.
    Thank you both for the comments and encouragement x

  4. This technique is obviously working well for you. Maybe a little bit of paper left here & there won't hurt - adds to it's uniqueness! Tea bag paper & photographer's lens cloth can be used to similar effect too.

  5. Thank you all so much for the fab advice! Can't wait to give them all a try! X


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