Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The Big Smoke!

A couple of weeks ago, we journeyed out to the big city with our intrepid students to visit the National Gallery and to fill our boots with culture, (and shopping!)

Sorry, couldn't take any photos in the gallery, so let's fast forward to dinner time!
We treated ourselves to some gorgeous grub at Jamie Oliver's 'Union Jacks' restaurant in Covent Garden.
The styling was so welcoming, with touches of retro humour, (just look at the arctic roll for pud!)

Debs, (shy and retiring as ever!) modelling her fine feast of delights!

This was honestly one of the best pizzas I ever had, (and I've had a lot!)
What was also fab about it was that is was called a 'Margaret' pizza, (the English version of a 'Margaritta'!)
Sorry for seeming patronising there,I'm sure you worked ot out straight away, however, it took a fair few hours of wondering 'now why was my pizza called Margaret?' before I got it!

Now, the fun really started when we found the loos in the cellar, (yes, I realise just how dodgy that sounds, but bear with me please!)
They had many-a-bangin'-tune-a-playing, and just look at the doors, and the colour scheme, and the stairs!

The lovely Charlotte, also rocking down the 'loo-club-ago-go!

(By the way, the photo of me mate Sam on the stairs is not as dangerous as it looks...she was just pointing to the lettering, and not falling down them while I'm photographing the whole sordid incident for the sake of my blog).
That would be wrong, very wrong.

What a cool van!

And did you know that in Covent Garden you can find Moomin Land?
Oh, yes indeed!

(Arty city shots).

Time to go home...

Scoffing obscure American goodies on the train!
(I can advise against the alluringly named 'Moon Pie', especially whilst travelling, (okay, especially whilst doing anything at all! Bleurgh!)


  1. I am lovin' the arty city shots....the best!
    Considering what pattern to have blown up and digitalised for my larder door....

    Bestest to you and yours Daisy....

    Ps feeling bit 'not worthy' that you have commented on my little blog....I mean THE Mrs

  2. Ooooo I can't wait to see your larder door...hope you'll put a pic on your blog!
    I'd love a larder!
    What are you like Miss Daisy, you are the famous award winning blogger champ!
    So pleased for you chuck, I love your blog x

  3. We went to London for the day late last year for the day and by chance found the Moomin shop. And went to Jamie's Italian here in Brum a few weeks back - and had to snigger at the toilets, I mean, we all know he invented them - but when you see his name on the loo......

  4. We are kindred spirits indeed! X


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