Saturday 30 November 2013

Liberty and London!

In the October half term, hubby and I went Secret Squirrel Christmas shopping in London.
T'other half had never even heard of Liberty's, so I took it upon myself to convert him, as this is one of my favourite shops in the whole wide world.

Hmmm....not feeling the love yet...
Kneel and pay homage to the haberdashery hall of heaven.
Still needs convincing...
They even have their own little gnome!
Oh, the shiney things, the shiney things!

(Sorry, can't disclose the contents of the bag...'little eyes' don't you know!)
Well, how can you top that?
With a trip to Moomin land of course!
Those Hattifatteners get every where you know!
And here's my role model, Little My!
And on the way to the train station I saw this restaurant, (apologies for my childish sense of humour!)
Am really looking forward to seeing the Liberty's programme on Monday because they were filming when we were there.
So if you see a slightly crazed, quivering woman bedecked in a red duffle coat...that's me!


  1. I LOVE the Moomin shop and spent up big when we were in London for Christmas last year. Haven't been to Liberty's yet - it is on the list for our next trip :) You look like you had huge fun!

  2. The programme looks really good, I realised when seeing the trailer I hadn't set foot in there for ages, and then your photos... so will be popping in next week, thank you!

  3. Shall be looking out for you! A grand day out, indeed.

  4. Ahhhh never forget my first visit.. I was ten! and it was to die for, glad you have a new convert...d xxx

  5. Tee! Hee!
    I knew you all had good (expensive) taste!

  6. I have NEVER been to Liberty's but I feel I MUST go! Definitely going to watch the programme, from the trailer and your photos it looks like a modern day The Paradise with all the little counters laid out beautifully - oh how I'm loving that programme and the gorgeous Moray of course!

    1. You would love it!
      It is a shop for the soul (but maybe not the wallet!)


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