Saturday 2 November 2013

Vintage A- Fair!

The Lindsey Lodge Hospice held a forties inspired swinging vintage fair today and we all had a boogie- woogie-tastic time!
Luckily, today was pay day!
This lovely stall full of hand made lovliness was called 'Letty, Little & Good', after her grand mother who was called Letitia.
(Great name, eh!)
I couldn't believe how busy it was and there were lots of treasures to tempt and delight.
Many were dressed in their vintage finery.
And we were even treated to forties music, starring Forces sweetheart Cherie and Wireless Tunes.
There was some seriously snappy dressing going on I can tell you!
Thank you Annie Leigh for agreeing to pose for this photo, you look fab!
(Please let me know if I've spelt this wrongly!)

What a brilliant day, can't wait for next year now so I can dress up in my forties finery!


  1. how much fun does that look! x

  2. Ooooh I'm so jealous, looks as if you had a super day!

  3. It was absolutely brilliant and thre were real bargains...a 50s dress for £8.50 and antique lace for 50p!

  4. Doesn't that gentleman in the blue waistcoat look wonderful! fantastic photos, it all looks a lot of fun.

    1. He was very dapper indeed, and most interested in my iPad because he couldn't believe it was a camera as well.
      Had a loverly time indeed x


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