Saturday, 28 June 2014

A Journaling Jolly!

This morning we had a good old play and natter at The Steel Rooms, where I was invited to hold a Journaling Workshop.
It is such a lovely space to work in and everyone brought lots of their special scrips and scraps to work with.
Julie and Pat preparing their mixed media transfers.
Lucy 'Lu' and Deborah having fun and getting messy!
(Do you know that Lucy didn't get one spot of paint on her cardi!)
Julie made a beautiful double page spread about her baby girl.
Stitching, gluing and painting.
Tracey, Dawn and Emma having a good old chat.
(Now I have noticed that Katie has evaded my photos...I'm so sorry that I haven't got a good snap of you me dear.)
Emma's fabulously abstract journal layout.
Dawn in action...
Journal power!
(Oooo I spy you Katie!)
Just look at Tracey's Docs!
There is something so beautiful about paper and stitch.
The morning seemed to just go on a flash and I am so sorry and cross with myself that I didn't take a photo of everyone's work.
However, we will hopefully get together another time for a full day of journaling together again.
As well as a fabulous studio, The Steel Rooms has a gallery, a shop of pure temptation and the most deliciously Devine cafe...
Look! Jam jar mugs!
And, to top off the most perfect day, I received the most wonderful
presents from Deborah and Miss Lucy Lu...
(Well, actually it was a present for Mr.Raddit.)
Just look at that ear shoot up in surprise!
'Thanks for my delicious carrot and lettuce feast!'
And thank you Lucy for my loom bracelet, I feel so trendy now!
Woo! Hoo!
Thanks to you all ladies for a lovely, lovely day!


  1. Wonderful - my journaling is not going well x

  2. What a wonderful way to spend the morning! Looks like so much fun!

  3. We had a right laugh Ginny.
    I think the best journal pages are when you work over the bits you're not happy with, just keep playing!

  4. Many thanks chuck, it was great fun! X

  5. Such fun, what a wonderful way to spend a Saturday morning.

  6. Wish I lived a bit closer, I'd love to join in the fun! Cx

    1. one day there wil be a teletransporter so we can visit all the workshops we'd like! Then again, that might be a tad exhausting! x

    2. I'm hoping for a new spine rebuild! Cx

  7. Hello, I am new to your blog. It looks as though you all had great fun, and sounds as though lots of lovely things were made! xx

    1. Thanks for popping by chuck!
      We had a great time and The Steel Rooms is such a lovely, friendly place x


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