Saturday, 7 June 2014

Ode To Mr Penguin.

O Mr Penguin,
why did you look at me with those big yellow eyes?
Was it that jaunty hat or dickie bow that I couldn't resist?
Who else but muggins here would buy a timer that didn't work?
But you knew that all along didn't you Mr Penguin!


  1. Only you oh lovely one, only you! X

  2. I'd have fallen for him too, Mrs B - who cares if he works or not, he's gorgeous! xxx

  3. He's timeless so you will love him forever! Eco Ethel xx

  4. It is so lovely to see there are so many kindred spirits out there x

  5. ur no muggins m'dear - we would have bought him too...our soon to be 20yr old son has a life long penguin obsession - all named bob, obviously!
    & our house probably looks the same - will bring some pics of the madness if my brain allows the old memory cells to work - see you soon x

    1. So lovely to hear from an understanding soul!
      Would love to see your pics! X

  6. My 12 year old adores penguins too and he is a funny nutter!
    bestest daisy j xxx


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