Friday, 10 October 2014

Treasure Hunting...

A couple of weeks ago we had a family jaunt to Whitby.
Marika (my lovely sister- in-law) and myself escaped for an hour or two for a bit of vintage girly shopping.
We perchanced upon the gorgeous 'Treasure Hunt', which is very nearby the famous Magpie fish and chip shop.
Many 'oooohs' and 'aaaahs' ensued.
I found some vintage photographs that will definitely become part of my mixed media dabblings.
Here's a bit of an unintentional selfie!
We also kept falling into little bric- a- brac shops and a recurring theme seemed to emerge...
Now, as a rule, I am not much of a fan of dead critters, but foxes do fascinate me.
I have a bit of a love- hate thing going on with stuffed foxes.
They seem to attract and repel me at the same time (a bit like my hubby! Ha! Ha! Only joking!)
Definitely not too keen on this fellow though!
What, with my penchant for giant plastic ice cream cones and now photographs of stuffed foxes, I dread to think what my next obsession will be!
Hope you all have a cracking weekend chucks, happy thrifting adventures to you all!


  1. Now go and embroider us a fox eating a giant ice cream please. Actually foxes would be Fabo. Go on you know you want to.....

    1. Foxes have been popping up unannounced as Ibe stitched recently.....but ice cream eating ones, now that's an idea! X

  2. Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT buy the stuffed fox! x

  3. Lovely vintage bric-a-brac-y goodness! I like foxes, but I can't really get on board with the taxidermy love which is so prevalent at the moment. Those dead creatures make me sad! xxx

  4. Yes I know just what you mean, I just love foxes so much. X


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