Saturday, 4 October 2014

I Can't Get That Enya Song Out Of My Head...

She is finally finished.
Fully resplendent with a boat atop her head.
(And even though I do like that Enya song, it is now getting a tad annoying since it is on repeat in my brain!)


  1. Dear Lazy Daisy Jones and Jaqui Galloway, I'm so sorry but I was really tired and I pressed delete instead of publish for your lovely comments.
    Please forgive me and thank you so much for leaving me jolly comments.
    I am such a numpty.

  2. Oh no, nowi've got it going round in my head too!

  3. Where's she sailing away to then?
    It could be worse, I heard "We Built This City" in a charity shop this morning and have been singing it ever since... xxx


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