Tuesday, 9 December 2014


In the summer I had the good fortune to attend a wonderful workshop at Hope and Elvis, held by the artist Alice Fox.
It was brilliant and Alice shared so many techniques, I blogged about it here.
Some of the samples needed more time and so we took them home.
I rather liked them all wrapped up, but today was the day for the grand unveiling.
It felt exciting and a little sad to unwrap them
As though now they were revealing their secrets, and so there would be nothing else to tell.
(Do I sound a little crazy?)
Anyway, their secrets were beautiful.
I am going to leave this one in his jacket though.
The treasures inside.
I'm going to have fun working with these!


  1. Looking forward to seeing the finished results! I'm really hoping to get along to some of Louise's courses in the coming year - we were there last week for the Open Studios and I had forgotten just how inspiring her studio is.

  2. The workshop was wonderful and I look forward to see your beautiful creation with these. X

  3. Thank you for popping by chucks!
    I really enjoyed unwrapping these, it was like Christmas! X

  4. The one left in it's jacket looks like a worm pupating. I can see why you didn't want to unwrap them - they are intriguing all wrapped up, like the bits are wearing little garments to keep them warm.

    1. I knew you kindred spirits would understand, that is just how I felt about unwrapping them x


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