Sunday 28 December 2014

Looking Back...

I love these precious quiet days.
Time to read a book, catch up with friends and think about the year that has nearly passed.
Thought you might enjoy these photos from my summer holiday in Cornwall.
They seem as chilled out as today.
We don't have enough time to reflect do we?
That might be my New Year's Resolution.


  1. And of course to spend more time with meeeeeee! Happy new year lovely xxx

  2. I like that New Years resolution! Happy New Years chuck! x

  3. I too love this 'in between the years' time, I however have to make lists even if they are in my head!
    Happy reflections to you chuck!
    d x

  4. What beautiful holiday pics. Thanks for sharing them and thank you for your beautiful Christmas card. Enjoy your precious time and have a wonderful New year. Xxx

  5. Happy New Years wishes to you all chucks x

  6. Oh what gorgeous photos!
    Happy new year, Mrs B! xxx

  7. And to you too me dear!
    Looking forward to your vintage fashion adventures in 2015 x


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