Monday, 5 October 2015

It's The Di Tinker Foster Workshop Day At Hope And Elvis!

This was the day I had been waiting for......
Di Tinker Foster's 'The Charm Of Soldering' workshop at Hope And Elvis.
I'd packed up me treasures and I was ready to rock !
(Well, solder actually....)
Both Louise and Di were so generous with their materials and here are the gorgeous little boxes that Di had prepared for us lucky girls.
What to put in the boxes was quite challenging, the possibilities were endless!
It's always fab to meet up with old friends too....
Hello Tracey chuck (of 'Thimble And Thread Makes' fame).
Just looking at Di's work and Louise's studio offered lots of inspiration...
What a collaboration, Louise's beautiful collage and Di's stunning pieces.
I was very easily distracted with all those beautiful shiney treasures twinkling at me!
Di made us all a fab brooch with tickets attached so that we could queue in a very orderly fashion....what a very civilised system indeed!
Ubiquitous loo selfie!
Even more ubiquitous Hope and Elvis loo photo!
I've got trainer envy Louise!
I am a very lucky girl as Daisy Moon made me one of her beautiful pinafore dresses.
I am very happy indeed!
I have so many photos to show you but I will now stop, so that you can finally put the kettle on and have a rest!
I'll show you the fab trinkets and wotnots that this talented crew made with the help of Di....we should have been called the Tinkerettes!


  1. Di is so clever (and you too) x

  2. What a fabulous day! Thanks for sharing ...

  3. That looks like so much fun !

  4. How fun and inspirational! I feel like everything I do is way too tame - I must break out a little more. Starting today!

    1. Hello Val,
      I don't think for one minute your work is tame but I'm glad you're up for more creating! Have lots of crafty fun! X

  5. Too much fun - I think I need to talk to Hope & Elvis about opening a branch down south...

    1. Louise should have a travelling studio of loveliness! Xxx


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