Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Jo Smith 'Home'...

Yesterday I visited a wonderful exhibition by the talented textile artist Jo Smith at The Steel Rooms, Brigg.

I have been a fan of Jo's work for a long time and was really excited about seeing it.

'Home. Belong. Belonging. Belongings.'

Jo explores the concept of 'Home' by considering such issues as war and displacement, homelessness, financial austerity and the heartbreaking portrayal of Betty's house, once loved and cherished, and now converted into soul- less flats since Betty passed away.

'Daughter. Little cracks and fractures'.
Embedded thread and cast plaster.

'Displaced Girl, Refugee, Camps'.

Stitched drawing, water colour, printed fabrics.

'Sweet Blue Happiness, Alice'.

There was also some fabulous vintage furniture from Meanwhile which really helped to set the scene.

Someone was rather taken with the chair!

'Home Sweet Home Doily'.
Machine embroidery.

'Gazing Betty'.

'Black Eye'.

Screen printed image and hand stitch.

Image taken from 2006 Women's Aid Campaign.

It never ceases to amaze me how powerful stitch can be.

Perhaps it is because of the historical legacy left by generations of women, or perhaps it is because of the skill and hours of dedication required.

This is a thought provoking and moving exhibition, and I felt very lucky to see first hand the work of such a talented and skilled artist.


'Home. Belong. Belonging. Belongings.'

Jo Smith

The Steel Rooms

1-5 Springs Parade


North Lincs

2/7/16 -13/8/16

( Please check for opening times and days).





  1. Powerful art, thank you for sharing x

    1. It was such a good show, thank you for your comments me dear xxx

  2. What a fantastic and moving exhibition. Thanks for sharing it.
    Love your work too....keep on keeping on. Love and peace xx

  3. The black eye piece is amazing! How people can use thread to make a statement in so many different ways is amazing.

    1. That's just why I love embroidery too, it can be really delicate and really powerful too x

  4. The old lady through the window is very moving, so representative of so many old people, fantastic looking exhibition, thank you for sharing.

    1. I got quite emotional when I looked at those pieces, it was a very moving show xxx


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