Thursday 21 July 2016


I can't get enough of working with my stash of vintage paper at the minute.
I especially like it when the bits and bobs you've been hanging onto turn out to be the 'perfect fit'.
Just like this 'thingy' (is it a name place holder?) which turned out to be just the ticket for holding up the Queen herself!
(I'd been hanging onto to that for about ten years!)
It was so bloomin' hot yesterday, all I wanted to do was mess around with scrips and scraps, and so one of my strange ladies began to emerge.
A crown seemed most befitting.
And, quite by chance, so did the word 'reconcilement', even more befitting in these crazy times.
(She will be coming along with me to Mrs B's 'Adventures In Mixed Media' workshop at Hope and Elvis on December 3rd, can't WAIT!)


  1. Ooooh I love it when one of your strange ladies appear. She's a beauty.xx

    1. Thank you so much Miss Black.
      Sometimes they arrive quite unexpectedly! Xxx

  2. She is a beauty indeed. Spotted her on Instagram and had to pop over to get more acquainted.

    1. Thanks ever so much for popping by.
      I'll get the biccie tin out! X

  3. She has quite a challenging look about her x

    1. I think you're right, I'd best not get on the wrong side of her! X


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