Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Mrs B At Hope and Elvis: 'Adventures In Abstraction'.

On the Sunday of the Mrs B Weekender at Hope and Elvis, we focused on approaches in abstract painting.
Here is the amazing Sam in action, early in the morning....it's so exciting when everything is laid out ready and waiting!
Some of my examples laid out on the table for perusal.
Demo examples, showing the layering process.
The 'choons are ready to play!
(I think Sam is ready to play too!)
Sources of inspiration, colour, mark-making and the layering process were discussed and explored.
Making 'inspiration boards'....
Early layers...
To paint in a group is courageous and exciting, the room was full of energy and positivity...you all rocked!
Miss Mandy joined in...
And so did Miss Debs.
Just look at how the paintings started to evolve!
This magic still gives me the tingles...
Look at how the inspiration boards 'fed' the paintings!
I wish that I had managed to photograph everyone's final paintings but the time just flew by.
Hopefully though, you can get an idea of the atmosphere and pace of the workshop, it really was 'full on'!
Paintings, paintings everywhere!
It was such a wonderful day and I felt so proud of the work that had been produced.
Thank you all for being so open and willing to experiment, take risks and to just paint and see what would happen.
And huge thanks to Louise, Miss Debs, Miss Mandy and my partner in crime Sam.
PS: And big thanks Emma (@ab0utemma) for sending me this brilliant photo from the Saturday's mixed media workshop, doesn't that table full of art look incredible!


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