Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Mrs B's 'Adventures In Abstraction' Weekender at Hope and Elvis: Saturday....

'Adventures In Mixed Media' was the focus for the Saturday's workshop at the wonderful Hope and Elvis.
There were lots of techniques and materials to play with...
Here's Miss Debs, getting her paint on!
Here's the demo table.
Look at all those gorgeous paintings emerging...
Art started to appear on every available surface...
I love watching the process...
Mrs B's table of bits and bobs.
There may have been a little bit of cake eating too!
(Thank you Mum and Jean from the village).
And then all the beautiful finished pieces started to be gathered on the 'top table'...
And then the table was full!

I had such a good time, full of laughter and creativity and paint.
Thank you Miss Debs and Sam for all your hard work, and thank you Louise for having me over again at your beautiful studio.
I'm looking forward to next April all ready!


  1. I want to play here and join in the laughter, creativity and paint.

  2. I love to see the amazing work all the workshop participants produce. There is such an atmosphere of creative focus about your photos of these workshops, it comes straight off the screen - energetic and sociable, yet serene at the same time (if that makes any sense at all!) All that, and lovely Debs too! xx

    1. Thank you Curtise, it's such a privilege to watch the art emerge, all in unique ways, Hope and Elvis is such a nurturing and generous place for creativity x

  3. Looks like the fun atmosphere definitely sparked a lot of creativity! There are some wonderful pieces there.

  4. What an amzing space and what amazing work. If only you were a little closer x

    1. Such a shame, Hope and Elvis is a truly magical place, thank you for your kindly comment x


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