Tuesday, 14 February 2017

A Bit More Culture...

I saw so much when we visited Hull with the Fine Art, Graphics and Photography students that I've had to add another post!
Walking up to the Ferens Gallery we encountered the awe inspiring Blade.
After having a look at the five Francis Bacon paintings there, (thank you Francis, as always, it was emotional!) we pootled off to the Fruit Market area, which is very hip and trendy indeed.
It was fab to see the iconic 'Dead Bod' at the Humber Street Gallery.
And then it was time for dinner.....I had wanted to visit Thieving Harry's for quite a while, and it certainly didn't disappoint.
It was originally part of the offices of the old Fruit Market in Hull and the interior had been decorated from reclaimed furnishings and materials from there.
It was just stunning.
I chatted to one of the lovely members of staff about the gorgeous interior, and I was told that these doors were once part of the bananas gas chamber! (Would that have been used in case of tropical creepy crawlies do you think?!?)
Oo I do love a good serving hatch!
There's such a lovely view of Hull Marina...
I ordered the spicy chickpea burger and it was delicious!
Farewell for now you gorgeous City Of Culture you!


  1. Next time my hubby has a job in Hull I am definitely going with him. This is right up my street.
    Thanks for the tour
    Lynn x

    1. My pleasure chuck, hope you have a great time x

  2. It's a dumb waiter - I also love serving hatches. Happy Valentine's Day! <3

    1. Thank you, so it is indeed!
      A www wishing you a belated Valentine's Day too me dear x


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