Thursday 16 February 2017

Little Cloud...

This painting is called 'Little Cloud'.
It's taken quite a while to finish, hope you like!
I'll be taking her to my April workshops at Hope and Elvis,
I think my palette is telling me that I'm ready for the Spring!


  1. Daffodil yellow! Forgetmenot blue! Spring is definitely in the air!

    1. It's inly until after I've finished the painting I can tell what's been on my mind! X

  2. I wonder what she is looking at as she has a raised eyebrow.
    T think we are all ready for Spring... my tete a tete bulbs are opening which is a sure sign though still only February which can be bitter !

    1. Every year I forget just how much of a difference it makes when I see the first flowers appearing! X


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