Thursday, 27 April 2017

La Rosa (Part One):

I have heard great things about the wonderful La Rosa in Whitby:
hotel, camp site, tea room and a place for the magic and the bizarre.
Mini Goth was dressed perfectly for a visit to their tea room.
Just walking up to the reception I knew that I wouldn't be disappointed!
So we spent a few minutes perusing the menu before I started leaping around the place in a rather excited manner!
There was one other guest here, she seemed very interesting but she didn't say much!
Family selfie opportunity!
Can you imagine just how happy I was here!
All the staff were so lovely and accommodating, I was even introduced to Forbes!
There were lots of 'oohs' and 'aahs' I can tell you!
Hubby was left alone for quite a while...
Middie was also made very welcome!
These were the children who originally lived here when it was a boarding house.
As we were waiting for our drinks, Mini Goth and I were asked if we'd like a little tour of the hotel......
Part Two to follow!


  1. Oh wow. What an insanely, joyous and fabulous place to stay. I love all of wonder you were "oohing" and "ahhing"! If I'm ever up that way, I will stay her. What am I saying....I should take the trip just to stay there.xxb

    1. I really really want to spend even just one night there, it's truly magical x

  2. wow,that place looks right up my street!

  3. What a great 'tour' you have given us of an amazing place. Thanks!

  4. Isnt it a little bit strange that in the photograph of the children who originally lived there, one of them is at the back in half shadow almost as if he is an outcast or an intense introvert not wishing to be pictured.

    1. Oo yes! I hadn't noticed that before, that's why I love old photographs so much x

  5. Tricky to dust!

    But what di I know? Never dust!! Life's too short!!!

    1. Ha! Ha! You have a point there! I bet everything comes to life at night anyway so there'll be no dust on them....eep! I can't believe I've just said that. I'll have nightmares now! X

  6. Wow you would be jealous to know I have stayed here! My birthday , gosh 4 years ago now. I see Forbes and friends are still there. :) We stopped in the Stoker Room and had an amazing view over to the abbey and a hamper picnic breakfast. I loved it ! It was a bit to quirky for my other half. Nice to see you can take a dog there for tea. :) X

    1. That sounds amazingly!
      I'm not at all jealous....honest!!!!! Xx

  7. What an amazing place ! Mini Goth looks gorgeous in her wonderful costume. I've just caught up with and enjoyed your Whitby Goth festival post x


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