Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Creative Prompt For June:

At the mid-point of the year I thought this would be an interesting time to look back on some of the work you've produced.
It could be the creative pieces made in response to earlier Creative Prompts, work made from last year, or from even further back from then.
I've been experimenting with new media recently and really enjoyed using them to 'reinterpret' my favourite subject matter and recurring motifs.
Hope you enjoy!


  1. Ooh err missus is that supposed to happen. When I press the creative prompt link it takes me to my blogger post listings
    Lynn x

    1. Thanks ever so Lynn, Ive sorted it now. Cheers chuck xxx

  2. Even thought I'm a writer, not artist, I still find your advice useful, especially as I'm writing a book and need to constantly go back and re-look at what I've done... always different the second time around! x

    1. Oooo Ellie that sounds so exciting! Its always been my dream to write a book!
      Thank you for your lovely comment and I hope the writing's going well xxx


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