Wednesday 3 May 2017

Mrs B's Mixed Media Workshop at Hope and Elvis:

Early on Saturday morning my mate Sam (without whose help my work shopping adventures would never happen!) my hubby (who kindly did the driving as motorways scare the bejesus out of me), and myself set off to the fabulous Hope and Elvis.
(It was a very cosy journey!)
We set up the examples and my work while Kate Bush was playing in the background.
I always feel very nervous before a workshop starts, but equally as excited at the same time!
The ladies starting to arrive, and it was such a fabulous group of creative and enthusiastic makers.
It was pure joy.
It was great to see old friends and brand new faces.
Soon it became a hive of activity and chatter and music...
Oh yes, the 'choons were a-playing!
It was amazing to see how quickly everyone's work evolved.
It was lovely to sit together for dinner and a laugh.
Back to work!
Those colours though!
Oo! A Mrs B mug!
The studio is just stunning.
These two...
Exciting layers...
Stunning textures...
The 'table of lovlieness' started to fill up...
Oh, I do love a hare!
I really hope that I've photographed everyone's work, there was just so much stunning art everywhere!
Well done everyone!
This is how I like a table to look at the end of the day!
Thank you to my Mum and to Jean from the village for the gorgeous cakes.
And thank you to both Louises and to Sam for all your hard work.


  1. I would have love to have been there. Lovely artwork especially seeing yours x

    1. A www thank you so much, that's such a lovely that no to say my friend x

  2. For goodness sake.....this was amAzing!!
    Made a coffee and cake to sit and savour all the juicy creativity. Thank you for showing all the details. What a day you all had! Love the mess but wouldn't love the tidying up X

    1. Thank you so much, it means the world to get feedback for my blog, I feel so happy when folks get back to me!
      Do you know, everyone really pitched in and I had so much help from my fab friends at Hope and Elvis the weekend was a joy x

  3. Fabulous! What wonderful work. My kind of workshop....and my kind of choons.x

    1. Cheers chuck, it does take me a while to choose the sound track! X


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