Wednesday, 23 August 2017

A Visit To The Leach Pottery...

When we were in Cornwall we visited one of my favourite places, the Leach Pottery.
Love this on the roof!
I am a huge fan of a Leach owl...
....and his hares of course!
The whole place is so calm and tranquil.
Why are pottery studios so gorgeous?
These are the actual tools used by Bernard Leach.
They are art works themselves aren't they!
You could have a go at painting some of the Japanese-inspired motifs, hubby was a a natural.
(And, as usual, I didn't do what I was supposed to!)
First aid box envy...

Not only was Leach's pottery beautiful, but his thoughts and words were just as inspirational:
'As clothes are to the human body so are glazes to pots. Both serve practical ends, both should enhance inherent beauty of form.'
Leach would sit at this fireplace and give individual critiques on each of the pots made.

The shop of temptation...
I'll leave you with another one of Leach's inspirational quotes that had been printed on the loo wall...


  1. Oooohhhh, magic.

    1. It has such a special atmosphere, i really love it there x

  2. oh wow what an amazing place to visit and get inspiration! I just love the hand made tools they used, gorgeous!

    1. I feel inspired to make my own art tools now!
      So glad you liked the post x

  3. How wonderful, perhaps I'll get to visit one day. I think I told you my mum gave me two small Leach bowls she'd had as a wedding present, there were four originally.

    1. You would absolutely love it. There were potters making the Leach standard ware while we were there x

  4. I do love visiting a pottery, then of course the room of temptation. I enjoyed your tour.

    1. Thanks so much, it really has such a fab atmosphere x


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