Friday, 22 September 2017

In Barbara Hepworth's Garden...

Last month, Mini Goth and I visited the beautiful sculpture garden of Barbara Hepworth in St.Ives.
When the streets are just a bit too bustling it's a wonderful place to go, it's always so tranquil and quiet.
I love peeking into her studio, (apologies for the unintentional selfie there!)
I remember when Mini Goth was a toddler and she banged her head on one of the sculptures.
She had the most striking Hepworth- esque bruise on her forehead!
We sat in this beautiful conservatory and sketched very happily for an hour or so...
It was the perfect day...
Summer does seem so long ago now, (I do love Autumn though, don't you!)


  1. Thanks, for taking us on your visit with you ;-)

    (love your sketchbook too)

  2. oh, a friend was telling me about visiting Barbara Hepworth's garden while we were looking at Simon Gudgeon sculptures at Sculpture by the lakes ( just posted about it ! )
    I must go on an art exploration of St Ives one day x

    1. Thank you me dear, I'll pop over and see your post now x


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