Sunday, 18 March 2018

Imbolc ...

When the first day of Spring arrives,
she will whisper to the birds,
and the creatures,
and the flowers.
She will gently shake the branches of the willow tree
to wake them from their slumbers.
And she will prise open the petals of the snowdrops
to tell them that she has returned.

Just as she promised she would.

I hope you like this collage, especially on such a snowy day!
I'm hoping that I will be able to sell prints of my work in the near future, I've really enjoyed making them.
Hope you're keeping warm, I'm sure that Spring will arrive soon!


  1. She's wonderful. I do so love you collages and it's a big yes from me for you making prints of them!xx

    1. Thank you Miss Ivy, that really means a lot x

  2. Hmmmm yes, thought so : your Imbolc lady has a snow white dress ...

    1. i think she's a tad annoyed at how long the winter's hung on! x

  3. Love this. In fact really love all your compositions.

  4. I think we enjoyed the first day of Spring and then plunged back to Winter. You lovely girl looks vexed to see the snow x


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