Sunday, 4 March 2018

Snip. Snip. Rip. Rip...

I never know where my work will end up, and this piece began as a sketch of a hare's head.
You can't beat drawing on old paper, the texture is so velvety and soft.

For the past few months I've really enjoyed drawing and collaging.
I think that preparing for workshops ignites your own creativity and makes you explore new techniques and ways of working.
The torn edges of the paper began to influence the overall atmosphere of the collage, and a slight Miss Havisham quality began to emerge...

Does she seem lonely and heart-broken, or liberated and free to do as she pleases?

Maybe she'll tell me her story one day!


  1. ah well ... you can indeed make different stories with this lovely lady ...

    1. I'll have to wait and see if she tells me her secrets! x

  2. She looks very serene to me


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