Friday, 29 June 2018

'Summer Dreamings'...

I hope that you don't mind me mentioning, but I'm having a little Etsy exhibition on Monday.
All of the paintings have been painted during the Spring/ Summer months, and it still surprises me just how important the seasons' influence is to my work.

'When Rabbit Girls' Dream'
Acrylic and mixed media on plywood panel

Looking back, I can see how this painting is about waiting for the holidays, longing for the time when you can just sit and close your eyes in the sun.
Sometimes I think that the waiting for a holiday can be just as good as being on the holiday itself...

'Queen Of The May'
Acrylic and mixed media on MDF board.

This was painted just on the cusp of Spring and Summer, when all the colours outside are fresh and exciting.
This is the time when Mother Nature is at her most dazzling, and only She can offer a dress befitting the Queen Of The May.

'Season's Call'
Acrylic and mixed media on plywood panel.

This painting is multi-layered, much like the changing Seasons themselves, and is a reminder to enjoy every day to its fullest.
Soon Summer's colours will fade and become muted, turning into a different kind of beauty.
It's a reminder not to mourn the passing of a particular Season, but to enjoy the interconnection of all things.

I hope that you've enjoyed having a little look at these chuck.
Wishing you a very happy weekend, whichever hemisphere and Season you may be living in.



  1. I always love having a little look ! The Queen of May colours are delightful x


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