Wednesday, 4 July 2018

It's The John Leggott Art Foundation Exhibition! (Part Two!)

As promised, here is part two of the fabulous John Leggott Art Foundation End of Year Exhibition.

Here we have Megan's beautiful, colourful and exotic work that celebrates both the natural world and the female form.

These velvet panels were just stunning.

The whole display was so carefully composed and accessorised, I was so impressed with the attention to detail and wonderful mixture of textures and colours.
Megan's paintings celebrated the female body in all its glorious shapes and sizes, communicating a strong body-positive message.

Abby created a Fine Art installation that investigated the demise of the British High Street.

Her work also explored the relationships that we form with a High Street chain, and how childhood memories and loyalties can become embedded in our consumerist society.

These huge pieces took hours and hours to create, as each individual dot was lovingly applied, 
(I really don't know how you did it Abby!)

(It was also a big hit with our younger art fans!)

Emma is a photographer who created a series of photographs that explored the negative impact of living in a celebrity-obsessed culture.
She also created a zine and installation to accompany the series of work.

(I think a talent for interior design has also surfaced!)

(Love this t-shirt so much!)

Millie's Fine Art installation was concerned with the concept of lies and deception.
She investigated the promises that had been made by politicians, and how the younger generation's 'voice' is ignored.

I love how Millie has made the words from these broken promises 'set in stone', broken them up and literally 'swept them under the carpet'.
(All I can say is, watch out Westminster!)

Claire's textile work explored the effects of genetically modified food and its effect on the environment.

She produced accessories, a beautiful glass cast of a pineapple, machine and hand embroidery, dyeing processes, digital design, photography, installation and prints.

Phew! That's a lot of techniques Claire! Well done!

I do think that Claire became rather sick of pineapples by the end though...
fruit salad anyone?!?

I do hope that you've enjoyed this wander around the gallery, the final installation will be up on my blog very soon.
Thanks for visiting!


  1. wonderful creative stuff, I like the panels a lot.

    1. Thank you, Im so proud of them all. The panels are lovely aren't they x


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