Friday 2 November 2018

Painting A Queen...

A couple of days ago I had the painting-itch,
the fact is I haven't painted in a while, and if I don't get the brushes out, I can get a bit mardy!

I managed to take a few photos along the way, (although there are some big gaps I'm afraid, as I get pre-occupied!)
As with all my paintings, I never plan what the piece will be about, as I really enjoy working it all out as I go along.

All of a sudden she demanded a crown...

Her eyes took the longest time to paint...

I'm not yet sure if there's a story, (I think that I can feel one formulating in my head!)
I hope that you enjoyed painting alongside with me!

Have a creative weekend chucks x


  1. I'm fascinated how your paintings develop. The colours changing etc. And love the textures.


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