Friday, 19 July 2019

Lucy And The Caterpillar...

A few weeks ago we visited Hebden Bridge (I love it so much there, beautiful scenery, quirky shops and the best pizza ever!)
Lucy And The Caterpillar is one of my very favourite vintage shops, shall we take a look around?

There is always so much to see, it is like Doctor Who's tardis (but much prettier!)
Just look at the 1950's swimming cossie!

And the dress in the window was just incredible!

What I love about vintage shopping is seeing how my daughter's own personal style is evolving, she seems much more drawn to the 1960's Mod-ish styles, whereas I've always loved 1940's-1950's dresses.
It makes me so proud to see that she'd much rather buy vintage clothing than the mass produced fashion you see on the high street.

This really is one of those shops where you don't know where to look first!

(Have you ever suffered from 'blogger's curse'?
Looking back through these photos I keep thinking 'why didn't I try those shoes on?'
Oh well! it just means I'll have to go back again eh!!!!)

Hope you enjoyed our little foray!
And I hope that you have a wonderful summer, full of relaxing days and adventures.
I'm looking forward to some family time and sketch book shenanigans.


  1. I love that shop. I’ve had some nice vintage dresses from Hotcakes as well. Have you been in, they have a Narnia wardrobe heehee xx

    1. OOO I haven't visited Hotcakes, thanks for the tip off chuck xxx

  2. It is lovely to see our kids developing their own style. That shop looks interesting, cacti shoes embroidered smocks - I could spend a long time in there!

    1. Yes, its fascinating.
      You would really love it there and theres a really friendly atmosphere x


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