Saturday 10 January 2015

Drawing and Stitching...

It's been a long time since I've sat down with my trusty pencil ( and rubber) in hand.
It's funny but I still feel guilty using a rubber, because in the Sixth Form if my art teacher caught you using one she would throw it out of the window!
But I think the rubbed out 'ghost' lines add to the drawing and creates extra layers.
I think this is the first time I've photographed a drawing as it evolved, you can see how many times I change my mind!
I think drawings have to be 'honest', they are more direct than a painting I think.
I feel sorry for my art students as I have this thing about 'honest drawings'!
But drawings are fascinating, I love looking at artists' sketches, perhaps more than looking at the final piece itself.
Anyways....I'll shut up now!

The sketch is so useful to stitch from because the light, medium and dark tones have already been worked out.
Some of the pencil marks also help you decide which stitch direction to use to describe the planes of the hare's body.
And here's the final result!
What I love about machine embroidery is that however many times I will stitch this fellow he will always look a little different and have a different character.
I really enjoyed stitching on this piece of beautiful old quilt that I bought from Hope and Elvis.
I think I'm thinking of Spring time methinks!


  1. I adore this. Thank you for taking us through your creative process. I can do many things but I cannot draw.
    Carol xx

  2. Oh my goodness, the hare is such a handsome creature, both in the drawing and the stitched version. I would LOVE to be able to do that, you're ridiculously talented, and it's only the fact that you are a complete sweetheart that stops me from feeling insanely envious! (You wanted honesty, right?!) xxx

  3. How wonderful it is to see your process, and what a gorgeous piece! I'm starting to feel a little spring in the air too!

  4. I truly love him...hoppity skip...and I think the rubbed out lines give him a sense of running and bring him to life like magic...but then you are magic!
    love D xxx

  5. No you're right... as a lecturer you need to see the workings, research, background whatever, to the finished article, product, creation,... the sketchbooks full of the stuff that shows the path to the end product, so that's what your rubbed out bits are.

  6. Oh how I wish I had a talent for drawing, I'm absolute pants at it. I love the finished piece, gorgeous!

  7. Thank you all very kindly for such lovely comments and feedback.
    You have all really made my weekend chucks!
    This little creative community we have is brilliant and really is the best thing ever, it can feel a bit isolating when you're creating at home can't it sometimes x

  8. Promise me he's called Trevor! X

  9. If isolations leads to such beautiful creations then I love this type of isolations. He is so handsome and perfect reminder that spring is not far. X

  10. Just to echo what others have said really... I used to love to sketch at school, but lost all confidence somewhere along the way and never do it now. Perhaps a rediscovery should be my new year's resolution? (although I don't believe in new years resolutions - why wait until new year to do good things? :))

  11. It is totally and utterly beautiful. xx

  12. I really want to thank you you kindly Bloggy friends for your positive support.
    It really gives me confidence to stitch and experiment x

  13. This is fabulous and thanks for taking us through your process. Really love this piece.

    1. Thanks Kathie, so lovely to hear from such fab folk as yourself x


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