Thursday 15 August 2019

Cornwall Longings...

This is a painting I did when my daughter was only four years old.
It was painted at the time when I was starting to think that I could maybe 'do something' with my art, (although I must admit that I'm still figuring that out-but that's half the fun isn't it!)
I think that because your artwork is always evolving, like something that has a life of its own, you can never quite catch up and figure out what's going on. 
But even though it can be so frustrating sometimes it's the thing I most love about trying to live a creative life.
Anyhow, I'm waffling on, please forgive me!

I haven't actually looked at this painting for a long time, but it's the perfect time to do so because it's about the feeling I get when we return from our holidays.
Every year we visit Cornwall, it is such a special place to me.
And every time we return I feel like my heart has broken.

It's been my dream to live there, but then I wondered if it would lose its sense of magic if I lived there everyday?
I do know that I feel full of inspiration, ready for the new term.

Actually, I shouldn't take full credit for this painting - I let my daughter scribble on this one and I shall cherish it always!

I hope that you've had a wonderful summer too chucks.


  1. I don't keep much of my old art efforts, I have ocd/they annoy me too as I see imperfections in them! Interesting that your painting is not so much about what you saw but more about what you felt when visiting Cornwall. Wouldn't it be wonderful to retire there! I would love to do that too.

    1. Thanks for your comment chuck. I know exactly what you mean about seeing imperfections! I think its the artist's curse!
      Sending best wishes x

  2. That's exactly the feeling I get when returning home to Kent from our holidays to Scotland. I swear I was born with a tartan heart. This is a beautiful piece. I love the love within it.

    1. Thank you so much.
      I love that you have a tartan heart! That should be printed on a
      Big hugs x


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