Sunday, 1 September 2019

Leicester Street Art Love!

Last weekend we visited Leicester and I was blown away by the friendly, creative atmosphere.
The sun was out, everyone was smiling and we had such a great time exploring the city.
The first thing that struck me was the incredible street art that seemed to be around every corner.
Just look at this!

I spotted these decorated Open Reach boxes as I wandered around and then I found out that they were commissioned artworks by Sibomana and Farhad Berahman, which are part of the Journeys Festival International Leicester produced by Art Reach.
This is an annual arts festival that commissions artwork from the refugee and asylum seeker community in the city.

I became quite obsessed with spotting these around the city!

It baffles me how anyone could paint on such a large scale.
How I love this magpie!

Wherever you looked there seemed to be art, I loved these tiny graffiti artworks too.

How happy does this window display from Urban Outfitters make you!

Think it's time to put me feet up now, I'll show you some more next time chucks.

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