Monday, 25 November 2019


This is my fifth year now that I have taught part-time on the Art & Design Foundation Course at John Leggott College.
I love working with the students who are embarking on such an exciting journey on their creative futures.
Last week, one of our Fine Art students, Lewis Robbins, opened his first exhibition at the 2021 Visual Arts Centre, and it was so exciting to see his work being displayed.
It fair made the Art and Design Department's heart swell with pride to see him standing next to his artist's statement up there on the gallery wall.
The 2021 have organised a series of these shows that introduce up and coming artists in the area, which is such an amazing opportunity, and really highlights the talent that North Lincolnshire has to offer.

'Over the past year my artwork has become a vessel for my thoughts and emotions and I hope this comes through to the viewers. When I paint I never think of  it as a hobby but something I just need to do as a creative person.'

Thank you Dominic from the 2021 for curating the work so brilliantly, and cheers Sam (our technician, who is just a bit brill!) 
I'm really rather rubbish at doing proper practical things like this (but I was allowed to hold the nails!!!!!!)

This is a portrait of our Head Of Department, Nathan.


Congratulations Lewis!
And a huge thank you to the 2021 Visual Arts Centre for such an amazing opportunity.

Watch out world, our Art Foundation students are just a bit brilliant!!!!!!!!!

Introducing: Lewis Robbins
2021 Visual Arts Centre
19/11/19 - 7/12/19


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