Thursday, 9 January 2020

Letter To A Spider...

Dear Mrs Spider,
I've noticed that you have taken residence in my hallway window.
I am normally not a fan of spiders in general,
 but I have been watching you at work.

You never stop.
You seem so purposeful and focused.
And even though I am itching to dust the window ledge,
I just can't do it.

You are building a silky palace all of your own.
You will be the Queen.

And I will watch.


  1. They are fascinating to watch. I enjoy a spider and his works. There are so many sizes and shapes. Fascinating. My sons and I many years ago watched one inside a window and it had a magnificent web. Lots of progress in limited time.

    1. I am quite scared of spiders but I have bonded with this one! I am starting to appreciate their skill and determination x

  2. Good luck with your spider - and they are supposed to be lucky! I have a ladybird that I hope is hibernating and not dead! living in a small box near my radiator, I am hoping to see her spring to life in the coming months....

    1. I had a ladybird last winter and when I put a droplet of water on the sill it would have a little drink!
      I bet your ladybird is nice and snug x


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