Saturday 25 January 2020

Could it be Icarus?

A few days ago I started a painting, and quite a large one at that.
I haven't been able to paint for a few months now and I was itching to start.
As usual I didn't have a plan as to what I was going to paint, but this time I recorded little stories on my Instagram account as I painted, and so I thought I'd put the screen shots on here so you can see the sequence of events.
I sometimes begin to photograph or film when I paint but after a few minutes I get caught up in my little bubble and all the steps in between aren't recorded, but this time it felt like I was just chatting to a friend as I worked and I really enjoyed myself.

I wiped on the acrylic paint with a rag and then dripped water onto it, wiping again with the rag.

A figure appeared quite quickly...

The idea of an 'Icarus' girl began to unfold when her hair became dishevelled and she started to look a little bit annoyed!

This is the bit I love, even though it's nerve-wracking!
'Cutting in' around the face really makes it stand out but it can go very wrong if the colour isn't right!

I worked a bit more on the flesh tones, added feathers in her hair and burnt wings, a transparent pink glaze warmed up the skin a little.

I wiped on transparent pink acrylic over the right hand corner with a rag and then softened the glazed area with one of my favourite large bristle brushes.

I'm hoping to finish her next week, sorry to leave you in mid air!

I've saved all the stories on my Instagram (you can find it in my 'painting highlights) if you'd like to hear me waffle on about painting, my broken boiler and garlic bread!!!!


  1. Nice bookbinder's paste brush you have there! ; ]

    1. AHAAAAH! So that's what it is!
      Thanks Cathryn x


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