Friday, 14 February 2020

Icarus' Sister...

I've really got the painting bug again and it's been so lovely to be back in the studio again.
As soon as I'd finished my last painting I was on with this one.

The beginning always takes a long time as I've no idea what I'm going to paint, I really love working that way.
I've also really enjoyed making little instagram stories as I'm painting, it's such a useful way to see how the painting has progressed and I love reading the comments as I'm painting.

These are the 'zombie' stages where she looks a bit scary!
It's useful to work on a dark background as you can build up a wide range of tonal values just by wiping into the acrylic paint.

Once the eyes are painted in you can start and see the character forming.

I used masking tape to create neat edges for the background shapes.
Balancing the composition as a whole is the part I really enjoy, it's a bit like playing chess (if I knew how to play chess that is)!

I'm quite pleased with the pastel palette and the dark greys...
now onto the next painting!

Have a fab weekend chucks X

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