Saturday, 8 February 2020

I Think I've Finished...

I (think) I've finished the painting, 
I've really enjoyed this as I've had quite a long break from painting and I've been itching to get back to my trusty easel.

My little studio buddy kept an eye on things and is always there to tell me when a tea break is needed!

There is nothing better than peeling off the masking tape and revealing a clean edge!

Balancing the composition always takes longer than I'd planned, but it's good fun (and infuriating sometimes!)

Icarus And The Moon

'What if Icarus was a woman
the sun was the moon?'

Acrylic and mixed media

I challenged myself to make regular Instagram stories to show the progress of this painting ( I also waffled on about things like Midsomer Murders and cheese toasties!!!)
If you'd like to see the painting as it progressed in the studio, you can find it on my Instagram page in the Painting 1 and 2 Highlights folder.

(Please excuse my Northern accent!)


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