Saturday, 18 April 2020

My Studio Windowsill...

This week, me and my hubby have finally painted the woodwork in our house.
When I reached my little studio, paint brush in hand, I suddenly stopped as I was painting the windowsill.
I just couldn't 'gloss over' the twenty years' worth of drips, scratches and blobs.

Without sounding too philosophical, I don't want a 'fresh start' when all of this is over.
I want to remember.
And I must not forget.
The unimaginable has happened, and the world has literally had to stop and think.
We've had to re-evaluate, reflect and recalibrate.
And when I watch the news there is tragedy and fear, but now the heroes are making the headlines, not the villains.
And for the first time in my life I actually realise just how much I have.
And just how bloody lucky I am.
And I must not forget.
And so I'm leaving a little patch unpainted on my windowsill, so that in years to come it will remind me about how Life was before.

PS: I can't really find the proper words and I know that this blog post is written in a very clumsy manner.
But today I just had to write this down (more for myself than anything else).

 I send you all my very best wishes chucks, stay safe X

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