Thursday, 4 June 2020

Mama and Papa Bear...

Lockdown has given me time to really pause and think about what I want to do in the future.
And I think the thing that I really love is making art and then seeing it applied onto everyday objects.
I've always loved the idea that the things we use in life should be decorated and made joyful.
I suppose, if you were thinking about it in a philosophical way, (which is also something that the slower pace of life allows you to do), you could say that Art and Life shouldn't be separated.
Anyhow, I was very excited indeed to receive my printed fabric yesterday.

I do get a bit nervous cutting up the patches though!

I'm not exactly sure when my little shop will be opening again but I'm having fun stocking it up!

Wishing you all the vey best.


  1. They are just fabulous my friend, love your art and am looking forward to the shop opening ��
    Stay safe lovely lady xxx��

    1. Thank you so much chuck.
      Sending all my best wishes and big hugs xxx


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