Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Same Sea, Different Boat...

Yesterday I was so excited to receive my printed square of fabric from the very fabulous Sue Brown.
'Same Sea, Different Boat' is a collaborative project that 'celebrates creativity during the Covid-19 pandemic'.
Louise of Hope & Elvis, Sue Brown of the yard: ARTspace and Liske of the Little Heath BarnStudio have joined forces to organise and coordinate a really exciting project where you can produce a small collagraph printing plate or embroidery that communicates your experience of the lockdown period.

Last week I sent my plate to Sue (Sue provides very clear instructions and the plate is made from very basic materials that you will have at home).
I really wasn't sure if my plate would print but Sue made it work! Thanks Sue!

I still have a little bit of stitch to add before I send it back, but I wanted to blog about this because there's still time to join in (if you're quick!)

You can see the project developing on the ladies' Instagram accounts.

I can't wait to see when the quilt is stitched together! 

Thank you so much Louise, Sue and Liske for organising such an exciting and utterly brill project that joins so many creative souls together!


  1. ooh I like anything with hares, this is one of your best art pieces - would love to see it in a huge canvas blind on a window! your work always makes the viewer think and ponder, this one has so many pagan elements (crone, hare, womb is what I am seeing) that it is just perfect for Solstice coming up this week.

    1. Thank you so much Betty, that's exactly what I was thinking about so I'm really pleased you could feel that too.
      Big hugs to you xxx


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