Wednesday, 5 May 2021

Lunar Eclipse...

There's nowt like a good old sort-out and re-shuffle to get the creative juices flowing again.

After sorting out my studio I feel much more inspired and energised.

One of the things I really enjoyed a couple of weeks ago was recording the development of this painting on my Instagram stories (it's saved as a Studio highlight if you'd like to watch the chaos!)

It always amazes me how much a painting changes after a few layers, (isn't it great that we can record these kinds of things nowadays!)

And here she is!
I hope that you enjoyed having a look at these, have a creative week chucks!
Big hugs to you X


  1. I never get past the first layer! short attention span you see - it's lovely to see the personality coming through as the picture develops.

    1. Thank you Betty, my attention span is also pretty short, I think thats why I love painting in acrylics and not oils! x


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