Tuesday, 7 September 2021

Museum Love...

A few weeks ago my daughter and I spent a lovely morning sketching at our local museum.
They were so helpful there and allowed us to draw some of their items that weren't on display.

There is absolutely nothing more enjoyable for me than to draw for the sake of drawing.

It really was bliss.

I was 'drawn' (sorry!) to this skull, I think it's an albatross?

To just get 'lost' in something that's really complex and use drawing to help you work out its structure feels so satisfying.

I think it is the closest thing to mindfulness/ meditation for me, it is completely absorbing yet my brain switches off at the same time - I hope that makes sense!

 Best wishes,

Mrs B X


  1. what a lovely thought, a form of mindfulness/meditation - makes me want to pick up a pencil! thanks for sharing - and your sketch/detail is excellent.

  2. So inspiring, you’re making me want to do the same! Drawing from life definitely is pure mindfulness.💖


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