Monday, 10 June 2013

There Was A Lady In A Tower....

I forgot to tell you about what I got up to!
(Sorry, think I've over-blogged today!)
Due to general giddiness a few days before the big day, I came over all previous and started to make a something in preparation.
I machine embroidered a blue-tit on a single glove that I bought from Hemswell for 10p (as you do!)
I didn't have a clue what it was going to become but Jessie Chorley's work was so inspirational.
A hidden broken heart...
One of the most amazing techniques I learned was how to make the little hanging loop using blanket stitch.
Can I also thank Mandy, from the very lovely indeed Daisy Moon, for showing me how to start off a blanket stitch, (something I had struggled with since Year 9!)
You are a star!
'You see, there was a lady that lived in a tower.
She needed to tell the man she loved about her true feelings.
So she gave a bird her glove to deliver, as a sign of her affection.
But the bird dropped the glove.
And so the lady died.'
(Just thought I'd tell the story behind the glove for the amusement of the Hope and Elvis ladies again!)
Well, I had been drinking from the Daniel O'Donnell Chalice of Happiness, (only tea mind you, honest!)


  1. Such a sad tale for such a pretty glove....I'm not surprised there has been general giddiness, no doubt caused by a wonderful visit to Hope and Elvis ... I so want to go too. Sarah x

  2. Going to have to stop following you pronto - running out of biscuits!!!!

  3. Your glove turned out really lovely, well worth all the stitching, great story aswell. Oh and I'll have a custard cream with my tea please, look forward to seeing you next year, Jan xxx

  4. ooo Sarah, you have to go!
    It really is the best ever!

    Miss CNC, pop over to mine, I have custard creams on tap!

    Cheers Jan, custard cream as well?
    No problem!

  5. Well! That story gets funnier every time I hear it! What a fabulous day it was! So fabulous I'm going to post a blog myself! Thank you for a day of great chat and entertainment. Your glove is a work of art. xxx

  6. P.S. Forgot to say I'll have a custard cream if there are any left please ;) x

  7. Just lovely! I can see where you draw your inspirations, yet you have made this piece totally your own. Its beautiful! I especially like how you have blanket stitched the little crochet piece on with orange thread :o) I wonder if I'd be allowed a hanging glove in my livingroom...

  8. Dear Daisy,
    I'm looking forward to you post, I've been catching up on your wonderful blog!
    Oh, and there's always a custard cream for my blanket stitch saviour!

  9. Dear Miss Pearly Pea,
    Thank you so much for the kind words.
    I think that you should most definitely make yourself a hanging glove, it's great fun!


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