Monday, 10 June 2013

Jessie Chorley At Hope And Elvis!

I may have just mentioned before a few times in the past, but Hope and Elvis is my favourite place in the whole wide world.
Louise has recently had an over haul and made her studio even more amazing!
Every day is Christmas Day in Hope and Elvis land!
I even had a cuppa from the Daniel O'Donnell chalice of happiness!
Look at the beautiful work by Miss Chorley:
Jessie was such a generous tutor and everyone had such a brilliant time.
The whole days was just incredible and my head is still buzzing with ideas!
I learnt so many exciting new techniques and Louise always makes sure that everyone is happy and supplied with copious amounts of tea and Tunnocks!
I'll show you what we got up to in the next post, need a cuppa now!


  1. Cheers chuck,
    that means a lot coming from a fab blogger as yourself.


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